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Sandalwoodsy Scent

Sandalwoodsy Scent

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Sandalwoodsy isn't just here to play games with your nostrils; it's on a mission to kick odors to the curb like a boss. With a flick and a flame, this match unleashes the power of sandalwood, eliminating the STANK while turning your nostrils into fans. 

Qty: 80 Tiny Bonfires (aka. Matchsticks)
Matchstick Size: 2.5"
Scent: Sandalwood

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Jada L.
Works as advertised....

Cute decor for the bathroom. Definitely covers up the smell.

Stylish, Effective Odor Eliminator

We were tired of rummaging through drawers for old restaurant matchbooks and decided to level up our bathroom game. Love these, they work great, prefer the Sandalwoodsy scent.

Great product, great smell!

I don't like leaving the candles on in the bathroom so this has been an amazing alternative! Easy to use and smells great!

Janet R.
This is great...

I grew up in a house that used regular matchbooks in the bathroom so I know it works. The scent is pleasant but does have slight traces of wood from the matchstick. Bottle is nice and I've had funny comments from my guests.